Tuesday, January 25, 2011

burlap table runner

A couple weeks ago I found this super cute table runner idea from mason bay. It's definitely worth a quick trip to JoAnn's. I grabbed 2.5 yards of the lightest burlap they had and a small bottle of teal-ish acrylic paint--all for under $8! yes or yes?? I used clear duct tape to do the outside stripes first:
The tutorial says to work in sections, which is pretty unavoidable unless you are painting on a larger surface than the actual table you are making the runner for. I used painters tape to outline the inner stripe because I only wanted half an inch between the stripes and I thought if I taped over an already painted part with duct tape it would pull off parts of the paint [which may actually look cool and vintage??]. I didn't chance it. The painters tape worked just fine, and the final product turned out great! 

Pardon the quality of the pics. They are from my iPhone. I have currently misplaced my camera battery. 
I unraveled the edges a little and may put a dot of glue at the corners to prevent too much raveling [in her tutorial, she sews along the edges, but that seemed like too much work/I don't have a sewing machine]. I did, however spend some QT on my mom's sewing machine this weekend and will post soon!

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  1. I posted this on my blog. I am just so happy someone else tried the burlap table runner. I also love your blog, and am your very first follower.