Sunday, December 11, 2011

ode to the shrunken sweater

I shrunk my first sweater tonight, folks (cat head for scale). It's not my favorite, so I'm not too bummed, but how the heck do you wash these things?? Do you?? Do you get them dry-cleaned (hassle)?? Darn. In sweater related news, I am loving animal print this season. I bought these fake uggs from Old Navy today for $12 (not listed as $12 online...sorry & extra score for me). I think they're fun and they are lined with "fur" so they are super warm (like I had to take them off inside warm).
I've been pinning cropped tops for some time now and I finally picked one up for myself :) animal print, of course. It's not MAJOR cropped. Baby steps.
How do you feel about cropped tops? How do you feel about headless pictures? I'm a fan of both.

Two posts in one night?? And my house is clean?? Must have a term paper due in the near future...yep.

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