Saturday, August 4, 2012

quick check in

SO much has happened since I last checked in on my corner of the world wide web! It's exactly 70 days until the wedding! We are up to our noses in the wedding checklist, but every decision we make is fun and exciting :) I can't wait to share all of our special details with y'all afterwards!
Since I last checked in with you, I have moved down to Houston for good! College Station (and Texas A&M) treated me very well, but I am so glad to be back, and, more importantly, done with school forever! I took the month of June off to get settled in and started my full-time job at the beginning of July. 
I'm officially a Geologist! I mean, I ordered business cards and everything.. that's pretty exciting. AND I ordered them as Page Alexander (!!) double exciting.
I am off to run wedding errands, so how about a quick iphone dump to catch up?
Moving day:
Pinterest project (found here)
I may or may not be obsessed with my new monogram! Clutch ordered here.
I pretty much monogram everything. Spoiler alert!
Rhett and I got our first wedding gift in the mail from his good friend and groomsman in Brazil!
Banks enjoyed the packing paper.
And Benson sleeps and continues to pack on the lbs.

Happy weekend! I'll be back soon to chat about how much I love work clothes :)

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