Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This video was made by one of our GeoX students this year. The kids (and counselors, myself and the director, Dr. Garcia) had a blast all week. We interpreted seismic data, cored a section next to the "creek" in Wolf Pen Creek, learned about energy consumption, spent the day at the BP headquarters in Houston, spent a day in Galveston learning about currents, took a survey of the beach face, stayed in the dorms (me too!), danced in the halls, took cold showers, watched movies and youtube videos, made lasting friendships and hopefully came away with a deeper understanding of Geosciences. 
Putting together this program took months, but it was well worth all the preparation once the students showed up. 
So, if you happened to be going into your sophomore or junior year in high school, and you're interested in Geosciences (Geology & Geophysics, Oceanography, Environmental programs, Atmospheric Sciences and Geography), or know someone who is, check out the GeoX website and apply for next summer! 
OR you could holla atcha girl and i'll hook you up. Did I mention that after the week was up, I gained some new vocabulary words like totes awk (aka totally awkward)? Well, it's true. AND, Madison taught me how to dougie. Oh ya.

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