Sunday, November 4, 2012

Honeymoon in St. Lucia

Hellooo!! We are back and semi-settled in, so it's time for an update!

The hubs is working nights (aka sleeping days) so kittens and I are trying our best to be very quiet so he can get some quality shut-eye (not super easy in our tiny apartment). Ben helped me bake muffins this morning.
Banks was more concerned about when they'd actually be ready to eat :)

Anyway, before we talk honeymoon, I have to say that the wedding was perfect. Thanks to many family members and friends that helped set up the reception area and the chapel in our time crunch! It looked gorgeous--but I'll share more about that later when I have pictures to prove it! :)

Okay, honeymoon. St. Lucia. Wow.
I mean, this place is straight out of a magazine.
Seriously?? Yep. Picture via the new iPhone panoramic feature! We spent many hours of each day soaking up the sun and this gorgeous view.
I could  talk forever, but how about a picture dump and a few comments along the way?
Our resort, Jalousie Plantation, was over-the-top amazing!!
Hanging on our private patio :)
We loved our villa!
The food was delish!
Sugar beach was amazing!! That's Rhett in the ocean--we snorkeled every day right off our beach!
They had a movie night on the beach one night :) We sat in bean bag chairs and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a little drizzly, hence the umbrella.
We visited the active volcano.
And did the sulfur mud bath. The volcano creates natural hot springs!
Leisurely kayak trip in our bay :)
We hiked the Gros Piton--that would be this guy:
It kicked our butts, but we made it to the top (with a few bumps along the way..)
Half way up--we're hurting!
At the top :) Not ready for the long trip down...
Elias, our guide, hiked it barefoot!
If you're going to St. Lucia, this hike is really cool, but not for the faint of heart! Do it at your own risk ;)

My coconut lady with my rings :) I love her!
Waterfall at the botanical gardens.
The local church :)
Dinner on our last night. We were so sad to leave!
We loved our time on St. Lucia and can't wait to go back!

Wedding updates to come!

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