Wednesday, November 28, 2012


How are kittens adjusting to life as Alexanders, you ask? Just fine.
Kittens and I lived with my parents for a few months during the gap between finishing school and married bliss. I loved it, but kittens (specifically Benson) didn't coexist well with my parents small *but loud* dogs.
Needless to say they are loving apartment life. I think they actually like how small our place is--they can see and hear everything at all times.
We've been waiting and waiting for some colder weather here in Texas and we finally got some this week. I love the cozy weather, and so does my Benson :) This morning he wanted to snuggle with Banks--I'll let you see how it turned out.
We also got an iPad app for cats this week. Banks is such a smarty pants. 
Benson? He's more concerned with looking cute for the camera :)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We loved ours. Pics to come soon :)

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