Sunday, February 5, 2012

the fold over clutch obsession

Remember the fold over clutch from the photo challenge?? Well, I've since made many more (following this and this tutorial). I snatched up a few cute patterns and some hot pink linen at Hobby Lobby and made a small and large bag for a couple of my out-of-town friends.
I love the bold geometric pattern and the tan/hot pink/white/navy combo. I may or may not have made this exact one for myself :)
The houndstooth actually has a cute story behind it. My friend has an adorable dog, Bella, with a sassy alter-ego known as Stella. Her favorite jacket is houndstooth with gold buttons, so I made Bella Stella a matching clutch because diva's don't carry their own things. :)
I also made each one a smaller version of the opposite pattern.
These are so fun and easy to make (even for beginning sewers like myself!). I have several and I use them all the time. Don't be cautious about the zipper, either! Go for it! I didn't use a special foot or fancy technique. The tutorial tells you everything you need to know :)

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  1. I love the fabric that you used on these clutches:) I have the same black and white fabric stored away and I've just been waiting for a project to use it for! I haven't sewn anything yet with a zipper, but maybe it's about time to try:)