Wednesday, March 2, 2011


For Christmas I made my mom this book on Blurb. She loved it and it was really fun to make. You download a program to your computer that allows you to customize almost everything in your book. They aren't that expensive for the quality of book and come in a variety of sizes. I actually bought two Groupons in November for $20 and got to spend $60 on the Blurb website. So I made 1 book for Christmas that was a surprise and then one of our Hawaiian vacation. I'm not as pleased with the second one, but it's a nice scrapbook type thing for our family vacation. 

In other news, how much are you loving the warm weather?? Goodbye fabulous knee high boots, hello silver morroco toms!
I bought these at a boutique in Kingwood in the fall and had to buy a half size too small. The woman who worked there promised they'd stretch out, and I am pleased to say that mine have graduated from Chinese foot binding devices to shoes you just don't wear socks with. I am also loving these fingerprint inspired ones from the new spring collection.

Happy March! 

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