Monday, March 21, 2011

warrior dash

Yesterday Rhett and I did the Warrior Dash, a 5K obstacle course, in Conroe. We started out looking like this:
Please note the bright blue color of my shirt. 
This company travels all around to different cities in different states setting up their course. Ours was on a dirt bike track, so we started off running up and down the bike ramps [wishing I had hit the treadmill during spring break]. Winded, we crawled through a black tarp tent, slid down a muddy slope, crawled under barbed wire, up 2 rope walls, struggled climbed over logs in chest height water, jumped over fire and swam through a mud pit to reach the finish line. At which point our faces and clothes changed color significantly.
We clearly [and rightfully] felt very accomplished.
The shirt never recovered its original color. A small price to pay :)

In other news, my cell phone fell face down from the hood of my moving vehicle this afternoon. About 3 minutes down the road, I realized I didn't have my phone on me. I had a sneaky suspicion of what happened so I raced drove home and tokyo drifted parked to see my lime green phone face down on the pavement in the  middle of the road. As I walked up a car drove by and missed my helpless phone by mere inches. Fortunately it only suffered a slight concussion which was fixed by a quick restart. If you have an iPhone, you should really consider getting an Invisible Shield. I drop my phone OFTEN and today it fell from the hood of Kiki while in motion and the face did not break. If you see those kiosks in the mall, it looks kinda shady, but it's the real deal. PLUS it's not bulky like the OtterBox. Think it over. 

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