Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Banks!

Today is my sweet Banks' first birthday! It took him a few minutes to realize he could actually sit with a birthday hat on (similar to the Christmas sweater incident). Cats don't understand birthday hats, but he was a trooper while I snapped a few pictures this morning.
Before realizing his head wasn't weighed down :) And, yes, I decorated the table.

Two other exciting happenings today:
1. I get to see my beau after a whopping 20 days! You never know what holidays you get to spend with your oil field man, but we've been very lucky with days off this year! We'll be celebrating our Valentines Day tomorrow since he doesn't get back until late this evening.
2. I won a giveaway from The 36th Avenue blog! I'll soon be making my own number stenciled mugs!! Super excited.

Happy Valentines Day, loves! Have fun with your special someone :) I know I can't wait to see mine!

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