Thursday, February 16, 2012

we bought an airstream

Yesterday I took the day off and Rhett and I headed up to Ft. Worth to check out an 1978 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht. A few hours later we were towing it back to College Station!
I have been a closet airstream lover for a while, so I cannot wait to fix her up. There are so many possibilities. She needs to be basically gutted and rebuilt from the floor up. Rhett has a custom car place that does trailer work and they're going to do the body work, electrical, plumming, etc. Hopefully before too long we will get to start on cosmetics! We spent an hour or so today cleaning her out (the previous owners lived in it and then left it to sit in their driveway for a few years). 
**Use your future's eye when looking at the following pictures**
She is 31' long, so the living area in the front is very large. We are going to build a wrap around bench in the back and side. We'll also put in wood laminate floors.
The kitchen will be completely re-done. There isn't a cook top, fridge, or microwave, so we will add all of those, change the sink, counter and cabinets.
The bathroom is a nightmare, but the bedroom is an open canvas. The previous owner painted it navy blue. We'll keep everything light colors (white, gray, light blue) to open it up.
The exterior is in pretty good shape as far as leaks and rust goes. There has been some oxidation, but the owner of an rv storage place in town told us to go to a place nearby that does and acid wash and then we can apply a special clear coat.
We've got a lot of work to do! I contemplated not putting these pictures up, but it will just make it look THAT MUCH BETTER when we're done!!

If you're an airstream owner/lover I would love to hear your thoughts/experiences! There is quite a bit of work that must be done before we can start working on the interior, but I will keep yall updated! 


Happy Valentines Day to US! I can't wait to start our National Park tour. And take her down the west coast. Be still my heart.


  1. How exciting! You must visit Elizabeth at "The Mustard Ceiling" blog!!! They are also fixing up an airstream and have gutted the entire thing. They blog about it, have a lot of pictures, and they are really nice! I think she has a link in her right side bar. Good luck and congratulations!

    1. Thank you for the heads up! I am even more anxious to start on ours after seeing the progress they've made. This will be a great resource :)