Tuesday, February 28, 2012

scones: take 2 & a personal best

I shared with you last week how much I love these skinny chocolate chip scones. Well, I made them again this evening and this time added a little twist. Craisins. I have a friend who calls them "gushers for adults." I can't eat very many of them plain, but they add the perfect touch to these scones. A little sweet. A little tangy. Perfect compliment to the chocolate. Anyway, to alter the recipe I cut the chocolate chips down to 1/2 cup and a little more than 1/4 cup craisins. I couldn't wait until morning to try them (plus they are sooo delicious hot out of the oven), so I can already tell you, you're going to want to make these.

Switching gears--I'm taking a class this semester called "tone and flex." It's all about using your body weight mixed in with some hand weights and body bars to tone and sculpt strong and lean muscles. I love it. I'm not someone who can just walk into a gym and get an excellent workout by myself. I feel like I don't really know what to do, how to do it properly, and how to get a dynamic workout. That's why I love taking classes, but after this class I've come away with some useful information that I can use on my own at my house or in a gym. That's what's great about doing a workout that doesn't require a ton of space or fancy machinery.
Our grades in the class depend on how well we preform in physical timed tests: push-ups, sit-ups, wall sits, stretching, etc. I hate push-ups. Even the girl kind. Or at least I used to. We did a test run the first day of class to see where we start so we can monitor how much improvement we are making throughout the semester. I got 15 girl push-ups in 2 minutes the first day. How embarrassing!! I have no upper body strength! I think that's something girls forget about. I don't want my arms to bulk up so I don't work them out...ever! Turns out it would be almost impossible for me to bulk up my arms naturally and there are so many awesome exercises to tone your arms. Push-ups especially! And, they not only work your arms and entire upper body, if you do them right, they are an excellent work out for your core! Yes or yes?
So, now for my PB :) today we did another test to see how much we've improved and I've moved up to 39. Take that, push-ups! I'm not scared of you anymore. In fact, I kinda like you now that we've gotten to know each other a little better. I also love the extra push that comes from working towards a goal. To get the top grade, girls have to do 55 push-ups in 2 minutes. Whew. Hmm...wow. That's a lot. Even for girl push-ups.
55, I'm coming for you.

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