Wednesday, April 6, 2011

meet maru

A friend introduced me to Maru several days ago. He Japans most famous cat by a long shot [over 7mil hits on that video??] and has arguably one of the most adorable personalities in the world. His obsession with boxes is hilarious.
Oh Maru, you make me want a cat real bad. 
In the near future, I will share an inspirational story about my aunt's new cat, Izzy.

Changing topics--are anyone else's allergies having a field day right now?! Kiki and I are really sick of the pollen and the horrible things it does to us. Her exterior is covered in a less than flattering shade of yellow dust and my eyes are seconds away from shriveling up due to lack of moisture. 

On a happier note--Yesterday I found out that I got a grant for my research! This means I am no longer a pauper in the department and will be able to get access to many different types of analysis for my samples. WINNING! 

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