Monday, April 11, 2011

remember the alamo!

This weekend Rhett and I went to a friend's wedding just outside of San Antonio. It was a great day for an outdoor wedding, and the venue [the groom's parent's ranch] was perfect! We had a blast, dancing and laughing with old and new friends. We stayed at the historic Landmark Inn, which was beyond cute and perfect for a weekend getaway. 
It was set on several acres of land, so we got ready a little early and took some pictures at the hotel.
The wedding had some really cute details. The theme was rustic/tejano, and we learned that the branch candle holders were made the day of! Talk about some handy guys. 
The favors were lime green and yellow koozies--cute, fun and functional :)
My favoriet part of the wedding [besides dancing for 4+ hours] was the photo booth. 
Step 1: get your man to the photo booth. Step 2: Pick a fun hat or another accessory. Step 3: Kiss your man in the photo booth. Smile for the camera. Step 4: Paste one strip in the guest book and sign next to it. Step 5: Take one strip home with you to show off on your blog. 

The rest of the photo booth pics are posted here [the password is KLF]. 
Overall, it was an awesome weekend and a beautiful wedding. 

In other news, my cousin, Clay, and his partner are district champions in doubles tennis--as sophomores!! 
Congratulations, Clay!

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