Monday, April 25, 2011

top 5 from the Utah trip

5. Beautiful desert flowers
The top right is actually an Indian Paintbrush. They look a bit different than the ones here in Texas because they don't get nearly as much water. 

4. Old deserted buildings

I think it's so interesting to see old towns and buildings and wonder what went down there. It's also fun to spot old barn doors, windows, painted wood and miniature donkeys, though it's not always easy to repress the urge to yell "PULL OVER NOW! I NEED THAT _____!" I get it from my mom.

3.Sweet geology
I had to. If you look closely in the second to last picture, you'll see a phosphatized shark tooth! Oh ya.

2. Petroglyph's everywhere
We saw several incredible petroglyph sites--some creepy, some cute and some definitely not rated PG. The dark rock with all the different drawings on it is thought to have been a "teaching rock" for young children. 

1.Dinosaur footprints!! 
It's a little hard to see in the picture, but they were awesome in person! 

We got back just in time for a relaxing Easter weekend with the bf and family. Unfortunately, my plants were dead when I got back. I'm not saying that my mom killed them, but I will say that they were alive when I dropped them off at their house the Wednesday before we left and when I got home the following Friday they were whithered and unhappy. She blames it on my potting choice. Hmm. I'm thinking this months resolution might need a redo next month--with some tweaking on my part. :)

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  1. Love the pics! FYI - I kept the grass in the eggs failed to mention that:)