Monday, April 4, 2011

round top weekend

Last weekend was the Antiques Fair in Round Top, Texas. My mom and I met up in La Grange for a girls weekend and had an absolute blast. We, of course, came home with some treasure and left some behind for other people. 
My absolute favorite find of the day [which obviously came home with me] is this Moroccan Burro Basket--as in
It's currently sitting next to my dresser while I search frantically for something to put it on--maybe a cool saw horse or ladder?? It's the kind of fun item you love to come home with from these types of things. I love pieces that are different and have a cool story. The older couple I bought it from said their friends brought it back with them from Morocco. I think it's something I'll have in my house forever and use in many different ways. ANYWAY...we also liked these, but didn't bring any home with us.
My momma brought this super cute milk bottle and I see many flowers in its future. It says "Morn, Noon or Night, Drink Pillsbury Milk." Clearly a classic. 
I came home with one of these fabulous old windows. That sign says $10 a piece. Yes or yes?? As soon as my handy bf gets here, it will hang above the beloved burro basket :)
I also stole this stained glass [not literally, but for $20 it felt a bit like stealing]. I plan to paint the frame and hang it inside my mantle

Buffet top update:
My mom and aunt painted the base and it looks so much better! My aunt rounded up a few things we already had around the house and I think it turned out really cute!

Night, folks. 

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