Sunday, April 3, 2011

monthly resolutions--april

My monthly resolution for March was to write in a prayer journal daily. I have to admit, I wavered a bit on the "daily" part, but overall this was a great resolution, and one I will continue to do even though I no longer feel bound by a blog resolution. I found that I thought of different things when I was writing down my prayers as opposed to thinking them in my head or saying them out loud. Give it a go. I think you'll like it. 

As for April, I resolve to start and maintain a garden. I am proud to say that I have already won half the battle! Last Thursday, Rhett was in town and we went to wal-mart and picked up some "apartment gardening" supplies and got to work. I picked out the pots [mason jars] and the herbs/flowers I wanted and he picked out the baskets and figured out how to put them up.
Ok, so it's not worthy of HGTV, but it definitely perks up my balcony which, up until now, housed a small grill, broken pallet, and lawn chair. Hopefully there will be green soon! I have to admit, when I thought of this resolution, I did not take into consideration that I am going on a field trip to Utah on the 14th of April and will be gone for 9ish days... so I'm going to have to get someone to babysit my new plants. Does that still count as my resolution?? 
These little guys are actually the ones who got my all excited and ready to start an apartment garden. Last week, Darby from fly through our window posted pictures of her easter grass planted in egg shells and I decided to give it a try. 
I cracked my eggs very carefully with a steak knife and dyed them inside and out. I couldn't believe how vibrant the inside of the egg was!
I added some potting soil [pre-watered--Darby's advice] and seeds and let them do their thing! It's been really fun watching them grow. After less than a week, they are looking pretty good, and apparently will get even better over the next two weeks! Don't be surprised if I obsessively post pictures of my eggs and apartment garden like they are my kids :) They're just so fun! Rhett asked me the other day [as I was watering my eggs with a spoon] if I was going to turn into one of those crazy ladies. 
It's not out of the question. 

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