Thursday, May 19, 2011

animal planet

I love that commercial (for a phone or tablet maybe??) that boasts of higher speed so we can fill the internet with more cats. Uh, yes, please! I think my cousin, Cameron, would agree.


This was taken in 2008, so picture an older, wiser Cameron now (and make my hair about 18 shades blonder while you’re at it). Anyway, Cameron introduced me to Sparta, the mean little kitty:

I’ve been watching My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet lately and I might have a few pointers for the vocalist. Though, it seems like he’s doing alright (i.e. 51K+ views).

Rhett sent me a link to this cutie of the canine variety. Really clever idea. I watched some of the cat ones too and they are hilarious. Do cat’s mouths really move like that or is it doctored?? I may soon find out first hand : )


Night, homies.




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