Monday, May 2, 2011

monthly resolutions- may

I believe I mentioned that April's Project Herb Garden flopped. Partly because of poor planning on my part (i.e. mason jars don't have drainage holes) and partly because of mysterious events that occurred during their time at my parents house while I was in Utah. 

Maybe I will make a new garden in boxes! MAYbe even during MAY! However, I am not going to tie myself down to that at this point. May is going to be crazy. It's my last month in College Station before heading to Houston for an internship. At work we are doing last minute preparations for Geox: Geoscience Exploration Summer Program during which I will be supervising the 20 high school students and 5 college counselors. At school, I will be cramming in as much research as possible and working on my proposal. So,

I resolve for the month of May to keep my sanity and hopefully normal eating habits and hygiene.

In car related news: Kiki-d thought she'd married into the royal family this weekend! She got a car wash on Saturday complete with wax, vacuum, tire shining and old faded bumper sticker removal. Then we came home and treated every window with Rain-X. Perfect timing since it's raining right now. Guess I'm just that good. 

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  1. yayy for you coming to Houston. Can it be your June and July resolution be to see meeee? :)