Monday, May 16, 2011


Meet my new obsession, Zumba! I've long since given up working out on my own and switched over to group classes. My personal faves are step and kickbox--loud music, upbeat, and the kind of workout that I have to really focus on in order to keep up with the steps (aka not focusing on how bad my body hurts). This year, the rec added zumba classes...WINNING, DUH! Here are a few of my favorite songs. Tell me you can listen to these and sit still in your chair. 
The best:
Love Shakira. Love World Cup. BTW, she does the dance that we do in class in this video. 
PCD does Jai Ho! I never saw Slumdog Millionaire so I'm not quite sure what Jai Ho means..I'm thinking its a hakuna matata type thing. 

Switching gears, my nails are currently sporting Alpine Snow by OPI and I'm loving it! Fresh and summery without being cliche. 

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