Thursday, May 26, 2011

spinach lasagna rolls & map prints

This week I made spinach lasagna rolls via just cook already. It's tough cooking for one because you really have to commit to eating whatever you make for several days in a row. I'll definitely make this again, though, but I'll use chopped up spinach instead of whole leaf (whole leaf was the only one I could find in a 10 oz. box). I may even change the cheese--my mom has a really good cheese mixture in her lasagna that would be delicious inside these rolls. 
I guess I overstuffed mine because it only made six. I also found a stuffed shell recipe that I've lost in the blogosphere. Dontcha hate when that happens. The search continues.

Anyway, I may or may not have ordered these two gorgeous prints from the Foundary.
I can't wait to hang them in my living room...or dining room. We'll see. I'm keeping an eye out for vintage maps. How fun would it be to have a map collage wall??

Today Banks fell asleep in the sun on the window sill :)

A few short minutes after this picture was taken, we learned the hard way that window sills aren't the safest place to sleep. 

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