Thursday, February 24, 2011

getting industrial--pallets and nuts

WOW! Check out this post on Young House Love!! I hadn't seen this website blog type thing until tonight and I am obsessed with the whole house [though I'm not sure about the light feature above the table]. Can you believe this table was $10 at a thrift store?? Do you love the ottoman and mixed seating at the table as much as I do?? They also use pallet wood in several places which I am currently obsessing over. 
How much do you love this DIY mirror? I've actually been collecting pallets for a few weeks now. Rhett brought me back some oil field pallets that are very weathered and cool [I already have something in mind for those] and we picked up this broken one by a dumpster on campus last week.
I like the wood and it has these cool numbers and stamps on parts. Not sure what's in store for this. I'll let ya know. 
I also saw this little DIY bracelet today on Honestly WTF. I was headed to Home Depot this evening anyway, so I picked up some twine and little gold nuts and tried it out. I'd usually choose silver over gold any day, but since my Aggie ring is gold, I thought I'd bring some more gold into my life. I think it turned out different and cute. I like the pic on their blog where it's layered with other bulky pieces of jewelry. 

In unrelated news, the Rockets traded Shane Battier to Memphis today. What were they thinking?My two favorite athletes in Houston sports, Shane Battier from the Rockets and Kaz Matsui from the Astros, are officially gone. Way to go, Houston. UGH, FRUSTRATION!

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  1. And this is when you become a cubs fan!