Thursday, February 3, 2011

sentences are overrated. finish my attic.

I have this awful habit of trailing off at the end of a sentence or not finishing it at all. If I'm on my computer, forget it. It drives Rhett crazy and when I stop talking in the middle of a sentence he begins shouting out random guesses of what the end of the sentence might be. I say forget sentences will work on completing my thoughts in the future. I will also work on finishing my attic when I get a house. I think my boo will be better at finishing attics as well :) Attics are amazing because they have 1) angular walls 2) cozy spaces 3) trap door entrances. Take a peak at some of my favorite attic ideas.
sleepy bear bed
rock wall

It's official, my junk will have to find another place to chill. These finished attics are too good to pass up. 

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