Wednesday, February 9, 2011

learning from the master

A few months ago my roommate, Lauren, taught me how to crochet. Lauren is a master crocheter and I will be requiring more lessons before she moves out and gets married in August! Crocheting is a winter sport, so with the weather lately, I've been really packing it in. I've yet to venture into patterns yet, but I can see that in my future. I got a book of patterns for Christmas and it's full of weird drawings and abbreviations--this is where Lauren comes in. 
During our snow day last week, I finished up my mom's afghan/blanket. This was the first time I tried tassels and I love them!
With all the chilly weather here in Texas lately, my little guy needed a scarf to wear when he goes outside. He's a doll and looks adorable in his Aggie maroon!
I'm loving these bright colors and patterns. Maybe this will be next??

This weekend my grandma, Nan, gave me this amazing sewing basket. She is a master sewer. In fact, I found out this weekend that she made my mom's and BOTH of my aunt's wedding dresses and ALL their bridesmaids dresses!! She has always had the coolest sewing room and she recently gathered up her favorite things and put together a basket for me. What a special gift, especially from Nan who knows all the tips and tricks of sewing.
Now I'm armed and ready to make THIS and THIS and even THIS! oh ya.

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