Tuesday, February 1, 2011

kiki gets an upgrade

Several years ago, I spent almost my entire net worth on a new stereo for kiki, my beloved Kia Sportage. This was back in the day before the auxiliary fad really took off, so the only plug-in on mine was USB [and my phone wouldn't play through that, at least not for me]. However, I am happy to say that kiki now officially has an auxiliary cord!! We like the radio, but it seldom plays music that fits our mood and we can't bear to hear "grenade" by Bruno Mars one more time. It's terrible. 
The guy at Best Buy also got my phone to play through USB [magic] AND bluetooth. Maybe kiki was trying to make me look/feel dumb to get back at me for overflowing her gas tank by 10+ gallons while picking up my dry cleaning? All is forgiven and kiki is officially ballin' out on every level. 

If kiki were to have a bestie or an outdoorsy alter ego, it might be this sweet pink jeep.
Imagine this pink jeep along with my gorilla juicehead's monster truck, Danielle and Scott's X-terra, and Cameron's jeep rollin' into any national park to get our camp on. Pretty awesome/intimidating car posse.

It's really stinkin' cold here in Texas. The only positives I have been able to find about winter are sleeping and cute boots. As I found myself wishing for summer, I saw this picture and thought it was pretty perfect.


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