Wednesday, February 16, 2011

how to: use a map

Maps are more functional as decoration than as a means to "find" something. 
How's that for a bold statement from a geologist?? 
Ok, turns out I have quite a history with directions/getting lost/being horrible at making maps. In field methods, a TA showed me on my map where to go and check out a certain feature. Long story short[er], I never found said feature - got lost for 3+ hours - balled my eyes out - decided not to yell "HELP!" so I yelled "HELLO??" - ran into baby boars AND their FREAKIN' SCARY mom - got my pocket knife out for protection - blew my rape whistle - no one heard it - lost faith in rape whistles - decided it was now appropriate to yell "HELP!" - didn't make it back to the van on time - the professor and students searched for me in the wilderness [embarrassing] - someone finally found me, and all was well [minus the emotional scars and ego blow]. But take heart! There are, in fact, better things to do with maps than read or make them. 
A while back I saw this magnetic chalkboard tutorial on Design*Sponge. I bought a plain wooden frame at Hobby Lobby for and my mom found me an old Atlas at the library for like $3. I cut the maps out of the Atlas and used modge podge to adhere them to the frame. I got my metal and chalkboard spray paint at Lowe's. Really simple, cute, and fun to do! 
Turns out writing on chalkboards isn't really my thing [not a fan of the texture/residue of chalk]. However, after watching 500 Days of Summer last night, maybe I'll give it another try??

I think maps are timeless and vintage--a must in home decor. Some of my favorite ideas:

In unrelated news, the bf and I went to the fightin' Texas Aggie basketball game tonight where we BTHO Iowa State! It was support the troops night, so we wore camo :)

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