Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Breakaway Update:
This week was all men's breakaway, so I don't have a super official update, but I did see on their facebook page that we have raised over $45,000 in the Shalom Project!! 
Let's observe a moment of silence. Let that sink in. 
This is WAY above our goal, and I'm really interested to hear what Ben says about it next week at all women's breakaway! I'll keep you updated. 

Rhett and I went to the Aggie Basketball game tonight making this night 2 for us and tamu sports. The night was complete with slam dunks, kettle corn, huge laminated heads of the team and coach, fist pumps [and leg kicks??], and baby races. Top it off with a W for the Ags and it was an allover successful evening. 

Did anyone else see the post on painting furniture today on Miss Mustard Seed?? She did a little swap with another blogger and they shared their best painting tips. It's like she knew I was tackling a project this weekend. 

My resolution for this month is not going too well. I have higher hopes for March. 

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