Thursday, January 19, 2012

bootlegged skinny jeans

Someday I may be embarrassed that I posted this, but for now (as a beginner sewer), I'm pretty happy with my bootlegged skinny jeans. I bought this pair of stretchy gray jeans at Gap a month or so ago for $12. I like the fit and color, but the legs were boot cut and I was really looking for skinny jeans to wear with my Uggs. So, this afternoon (in about 15 minutes), I altered them!
I used a pair of my favorite skinny jeans as a pattern by turning the gray ones inside out and laying the others on top of them.
The ones I used as a pattern aren't super skinny so I didn't worry about leaving a seam allowance. In fact, since the gray ones are so stretchy, I pinned slightly under/right on the seam of my pattern jeans.
Since these are strictly for book wear (too short to wear normally...such is life for those of us with above average height), I didn't worry about making the sides super even. I used my machines stretch stitch, cut off the edges, and called it a day!
They fit inside my boots sooo much better now, and could possibly be rolled up into cuffed capris during the summer.
This is a really easy project and a great way to fix up a pair of jeans that you might not wear otherwise!

Now for the photo challenge of the day: sweet.
Hmm... these gray jeans turned out pretty sweet.
I added the whey powder to my green smoothie this morning and it added an enjoyable sweet yogurty flavor.
This picture isn't from today, but when my mom and I go to La Madeleine we always get the mini fruit tart. This sweet treat is to die for!

Well, I'm off to the first Zumba class of the semester, and hoping it's not too packed (unlikely).
Happy almost Friday!

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