Monday, January 9, 2012

daily what?

January 9, 2012: Daily routine. may actually be considered my anti-routine. But, that's okay. I'll share it with you anyway. 
This morning the kittens and I packed up and headed back to College Station in preparation for the "semester" to start next week.
It rained today in Houston. Like all day, flooding interstates, tornado warning type of rain. Luckily my drive back wasn't too horrible. [notice red light, not taking pics while driving].
Like all good first fourth semester grad students, I hit up Wal-Mart to finally get my office organized. Not there yet. Baby steps.
To get to the front office, I cut through the main lecture hall (the building was built at two different times making it a labyrinth of secret passage ways...not reallllly, but that sounds fun). Turns out the lecture hall is without seating at the moment. Again, anti-routine.
Managed to get some decent work done this afternoon. The office is shaping up.
All that, ahem, hard work on my office worked up an appetite... and this fridge was not acceptable.
Hit the store and unpacked this evening. Pretty chill, not too interesting. But, hey, I didn't make up this photo challenge. ;)

Happy January, folks! Have you written 2011 on anything, yet? Or should I ask if you've managed to write 2012 the first time?

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