Sunday, January 15, 2012

happiness :)

January 15, 2012: Happiness.
First of all, is it January 15th already??
Secondly, for those of you who have/had significant others who work out of town know that the happiest times are the times when that person is off work and in town.
Rhett's in town now and we've been enjoying each other's company for a few days (minus the dark spot that was the Texans game).
Yesterday we went to a wedding of a mutual friend. What's happier than that??
Waiting for the wedding to start.
The happy couple  saying their vows.
This morning we went to Houston's First Baptist Church and it was excellent. Gregg Matte used to lead Breakaway on Texas A&M's campus, so this church is full of Aggies. I'll possibly living in the Heights starting this summer, so it was fun to check out a church nearby! And the view when we were leaving made me happy.

This isn't very happy, but is anyone else having the Sunday night blues?
I hope everyone has a productive and enjoyable Monday!

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