Saturday, January 21, 2012

reflection & donkeys

January 21, 2012: Reflection.
Rhett and I spent the day hiking the nature trails of Lake Bryan. It was a bit chilly (I looked like a snow bunny and Rhett wore athletic shorts and a dry-fit shirt..), but once we got our blood pumping a bit, it felt just fine. I wish I had a super cute pic of our reflection in the late, but conditions did not cooperate. For fear of losing out on the picture challenge this far along, I took a few instagram shots along the way :)
Rhett skipped rocks :)
We found a birds nest (empty).
Attempting a reflection shot of the sun in the lake. I actually kinda like the blurry-ness of it.
And a reflection shot of the trees :)
After we left the lake, we stopped on the side of the road to love on some adorable donkeys.
[This picture is seriously cute]
Okay, I should stop, but these guys are too cute!! I took about 8,000 more pictures. And plan to visit again. Soon. Often. :)

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