Friday, January 20, 2012


January 20, 2012: Someone you love.
This is one of the first pictures of Rhett and I as a "couple" taken by a friend during field camp in June of 2009. We had a half day off in Aspen, CO and hiked up the Maroon Bells to an amazing lake. During our time there, the two of us found a waterfall and hiked up to it making the trail as we went along (because we are geologists, and that's what we do). Even at the time I had a sneaky suspicion that this wasn't a summer fling and this goofy guy (forever in a cubs hat) would turn out to be someone I love. That's not to say that the road has been straight and easy, but our path has, in many ways, changed who we are for the better even in our times apart.

Didn't mean to get all serious on you! Hope everyone has an excellent and relaxing (or productive) weekend!

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