Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January photo-a-day challenge

Nothing like a photo-a-day contest to kick off 2012, right?! I saw a post earlier today on the tichenor family blog about a photo challenge for January and thought I'd play along. My honey surprised me with a Cannon Rebel T3i (oh ya) for Christmas, so this is the perfect excuse to log some face time with it. (I also quit my job in December to focus full-time on my thesis, so I'll have a little more QT with my blog as well). Anyway, straight to business: the guidelines are listed below--easy enough, right? 
January 1, 2012: I didn't actually take any pictures of myself on New Years Day, but I have one from New Year's Eve (does that count?). A few of my high school girlfriends and I went to see my high school principal play in his band at a bingo hall club. I know, we're pretty wild party animals ;)

January 2, 2012: Breakfast? It's not often that I take pictures of my breakfast, folks. Instead, I'll share a super cute pic of a squirrel that lives in my dad's owl box. I wonder what he/she had for breakfast. ?

January 3, 2012: Something you adore. That's easy. I adore a lot of things and people. However, I'm currently at my parent's house...by myself. Well not really by myself. My kitten faces are taking their afternoon nap, so I snapped a picture of them cuddled up together. Did I mention I adore seeing them cuddle? Warms my heart.

All caught up! Did you notice the blog name change? It's time for a little freshening up around here. New name, new year (soon to be new job, new city, eek), new camera, same blog, same page. :)

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