Wednesday, January 18, 2012

green smoothies

January 18, 2012: something you bought.
Green smoothies have been all over the place lately (like here, here, etc.). Every time I saw a "green smoothie" recipe I always thought it was some sort of hold-your-nose only-drink-because-it's-super-healthy type thing for those people who run everyday and keep a food journal (not that there is anything wrong with food journals, but they sound like a nightmare). Turns out, a green smoothie can be whatever you want it to be! Last week I had some baby spinach left over from dinner so I just tossed a few in my morning smoothie. Other than making it brown and kick starting your day with vitamins and other excellent things found in spinach, it doesn't change anything!! Taste is the exact same! Yesterday, I bought a ton of frozen fruit at HEB to make these healthy and delicious smoothies a daily habit. I took a few pictures of my smoothies (pre-blend) for the photo challenge today. Some use fresh fruit and add ice, but my blender isn't a huge fan of ice, so I stick with frozen fruit (plus it's easy and inexpensive). All I use is frozen fruit, a hand full of baby spinach leaves, and orange juice. I also bought Jillian Michaels whey protien powder in vanilla but totally forgot to add it this morning. I'll get back to you on that. I will say that I hope it doesn't taste how it smells...yikes.

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