Monday, January 30, 2012


January 30, 2012: Nature.
Owls are so hot right now. Especially real ones. And the thrift store kind.
This picture was taken several weeks ago. I spent the entirety of today cooped up in a small room shooting an electron beam at thin sections of 3 million year old plants (oddly appropriate for today's challenge, but not quite as visually appealing or modern).
I took this at our place in La Grange, TX. It's a little hard to get a feel for size, but he is pretty big. We think he's a Barred owl.
He just sat there watching us (with slightly judging eyes) walk closer, scoot around to get the perfect angle, awkwardly fiddle with the camera we weren't used to, snap, peak, snap, loose him in the trees, find him, can't find him with the camera on zoom, zoom out, find him, zoom in, snap, etc. 
Then he flew away as owls do...sick of the paparazzi, knowing full well that we weren't skilled enough to capture him in motion. And his wing span was even bigger than we thought. So we kept looking. Unsuccessful. He was probably up there with all his friends laughing about human stereotypes. And looking for mice. Or bugs. Or both.

This was a strange post. I'm aware. It's been a long day. And I rented the Glee movie. Turns out it's not a movie. It's like home video of their concert. ?. ?. Bum. mer. 

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